The highest functionality

for LEIBINGER inkjet printers

A LEIBINGER JET2neo series inkjet printer allows you to integrate marking and coding jobs into your production easily and to perform them efficiently. The JET2neo and JET2neoS already feature an enormous selection of functions in the standard version, which allows you to adjust the printer to your individual requirements.
An excerpt of the functions is listed here. We would be happy to provide consultation regarding your specific situation! Contact us!


Prints a wide variety of objects, fonts and codes

  • Up to 32 text objects possible per print job
  • Numerous fonts available: 5x5, 5x7 tower printing, 7x5, 7x5 Arabic, 9x7, 11x8, 12x8, 14x10, 16x10, 24x16, 24x18
  • Country and industry-specific fonts available: Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Persian, etc.
  • Multiline print out option (up to 3 lines)
  • Various designs possible: bold (7 increments), mirrored, inverted, alternating orientation, proportional font, various alignments, backward print; objects can be turned in four increments
  • All of the designs can be combined with each other
  • Many configuration options: Contrast (7 increments), character spacing, character height
  • Up to 32 barcode objects possible per print job
  • 14 barcode and 2D code formats available: Code 39, Code 2/5 interleave, EAN8, EAN13, UPC A12, UPC E8, Code 128b, Code 128c, GS1 128 (EAN 128), PostNet, GS1 ECC200 square, GS1 ECC200rectangle
  • Various designs possible: Barcodes in combination with plain text, user-defined printing styles
  • Wide variety of different data sources: Counter data, data from date and time objects, data from external databases
  • Up to 32 graphic objects possible per print job
  • Graphics can be created using the integrated graphic editor itself
  • Graphics can be loaded from external sources
  • The graphics created using the graphic editor can be exported
  • Up to four date/time objects are possible in one print job
  • Various formatting tools are available
  • Special date formats possible: Calendar week, weekday, Julian date, date according to F2897 code
  • Date and time specifications can be combined as desired
  • Option to configure an expiration period for an expiration date
  • Replacement function for date formats
  • Up to 3 counter objects are possible in a print job
  • Numerous configuration options for counters are available: Number of characters, increments, repeats, count direction, start value, initialization value, end value, behavior at end value, method of the reset, selection option; whether a counter's state is printed or just used functionally
  • Replacement function for generating coded counter values

Up to 4 different shift codes can be programmed, which are printed depending on the respective time of day.

  • Text object, which obtains the data from external sources
  • Various data sources possible: Mailing function for processing database contents (e.g. text files), access to external data via RS232 interfaces.
  • Access to data via the USB interface (data files saved on USB stick) possible without additional software
  • Various print modes available for configuring the print quality and print speed: 32dot high quality, 32dot fast, 32dot high speed, 24dot high quality, 24dot fast, 24dot high speed, 24dot high speed barcode, 16dot fast, 12dot high speed, 5dot high speed, 2 line 7x5 high speed
  • Numerous configuration options for print control: PrintGoGate function for controlling the print out via a gate input, MeterGo function for imprinting cables (optional), print delays, distances between print jobs, print to be repeated, drop flight time compensation, suppressing unwanted print signals, source and type of print signal, control settings for print and stroke signals, configuring the source for the speed signal (internal, external), encoder settings (resolution, rotation direction, type of input signals)

User-friendly design options using editors

Print jobs can be created, changed and saved directly on the printer; numerous editing functions (copying, pasting, deleting, positioning and moving with pixel-perfect accuracy, drag and drop function, calling up object properties via direct interface)

Graphics (bitmaps in *.bmp format) can be created, edited and saved and externally created graphics can be processed further.

Easy handling

  • Windows-based interface using drag and drop functions and pull-down menu navigation
  • "What you see is what you get" display for the current print job (WYSIWYG)
  • Fast and easy calibration of the touchscreen
  • Use of an external keyboard and/or mouse possible via the USB connection

Numerous functions can be called up from the main display via icons: Edit job, open job for printing, print start button, print stop button, open nozzle seal button, nozzle seal button, close, access production counter, shut down directly in stand-by mode.

Two macro buttons are also available. They can be assigned individually and enable quick access to certain areas. Possible functions: Job settings, explorer, info, log-in, new job, new job list, graphics editor, basic settings, interface settings, hydraulic settings, password settings, I/O test, data logger, print head hydraulics, service interval)

Status display gives an immediate overview of the printer status: Time, date, status of the print head cover, ink circulation, nozzle seal position, production counter, current print speed, maximum possible print speed; a device status signal line indicates readiness for printing and warnings.

Convenient management of print jobs, fonts and graphics

The integrated file explorer enables easy access to the internal memory and provides convenient options for exchanging data with external storage media.

Management of job, font and graphics files: Filter function, delete individual or multiple files, export individual files to USB stick, import individual files from USB stick, backup and clone function to USB stick for internal print jobs, fonts and graphics. Process data directly from database files from the USB stick.

Functions for more production reliability and efficiency

  • Digital inputs: 6 digital inputs, three of which are user-configurable (permanent functions: Counter reset, increment counter, switch on printer; user-configurable functions: Open nozzle, close nozzle, print start, print stop, switch off printer, print mirrored horizontally)
  • Digital outputs: 4 user-configurable digital outputs (warning, error, printer active, text output active, product counter end value reached, PrintGo, rotary encoder signal [left/right], counter overflow)
  • 8 digital inputs for addressing up to 255 print jobs
  • Ethernet interface: Connection to local network, integration into higher-level control system, data transmission for external print data
  • USB port: Data exchange and data backup using USB stick
  • Encoder interfaces: RS422 interface, HTL interface, TTL interface

User-programmable counter: Counter versions, stop functions and methods for resetting the counter are user-configurable; resetting possible via external signal

Loading print jobs via scanners prevents typos

Externally controlled jobs: Jobs are selected from a list using external addressing. (8 digital inputs for addressing up to 255 jobs)

User-configurable password assignment according to functions and five operating levels

  • User-configurable date and time settings: Configurable date/time format, offset possible for date
  • User-selectable operator language: Bahasa, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Country-specific software keyboards are available
  • User-configurable IP address
  • User-programmable daily circulation interval
  • Option for resetting to factory defaults
  • No drying out of ink
  • No cleaning before or after the start of printing
  • Always ready to print
  • Start printing at the push of a button
  • Signal test for digital inputs/outputs
  • Hydraulic settings for service work
  • Special functions for service work on the printer and on the print head
  • Option for creating log files
  • Settings for service intervals and error messages

Free software updates

At Paul LEIBINGER, all of the software updates for all of the JET3up and JET2neo series of printers are always available free of charge! This means the LEIBINGER printers get even better after you purchase them. This is because Paul LEIBINGER is constantly adapting its functions to the current market requirements. New features are implemented in every new version of the software for our printers. You can update to the newest software version for free!