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Case study

High-quality pet food inside – outside marking via inkjet technology outside

Industry: Pet food and animal feeds

Application: Coding and marking tin cans

Material: Tin plate


The Auenland-Konzept KG has been producing high-quality pet food for dogs and cats since 2002. All products contain natural, fresh, regional, organic ingredients and are free of additives, slaughter waste, preservatives and animal meal. In 2016, the family business moved to Geislingen-Binsdorf, where the pet food is furthermore hand-craf-ted with the objective of keeping dogs and cats healthy through good nutrition.


The process of marking the food cans with the best-before date was both time-consuming and physically strenuous for the employees. After sealing, each can was provided with BBD markings by hand. So the employees had to heave the heavy can trays around several times.

To be able to produce more effi-ciently – and to support company growth – the Auenland-Konzept KG saw an urgent need for action.


The process step of marking was actually integrated into the can sealing process. As a result, one work step could be entirely elimina-ted. The marking of the cans is now done automatically when the lid, which is applied to the can, passes by. This saves Auenland costs and is a source of physical relief for workers.

Moreover, compared to labeling, the BBD marking adheres firmly to the can and cannot fall off.

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