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MAGGI - intelligent product marking in food industry

The objectives were to relieve employees of routine tasks, take a close look at potential for reducing operating costs, and assess where sustainability could be optimized.


About our customer MAGGI

MAGGI GmbH is a subsidiary of Nestlé Deutschland AG with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. The first German MAGGI subsidiary was founded in 1887 in Singen, Baden-Württemberg, where it is still headquartered today. In addition to the famous MAGGI seasoning, other convenience products such as packaged soups, sauces and broths are manufactured there as well. With close to 550 employees, the Singen site is the largest German MAGGI plant.

The MAGGI plant in Singen is located in a historic building complex with a long heritage. No less than 40 million bottles of MAGGI seasoning and more than 30 million cans of ravioli leave the main plant annually. MAGGI relies on LEIBINGER systems for marking its packaging. Fifty systems are currently in use at the site, including the latest generation IQJET.


“We plugged in the IQJET and it immediately started running. Flawlessly. It needs virtually no operator intervention while running. Cleaning is unnecessary. And changing the ink cartridges is easier than ever.“

Simon Keller

Technical Group Leader, Area Packaging Deli / Tainer

Efficient marking of MAGGI tainers

Close to 120 employees work in two or three shifts in the MAGGI Packaging Division – where safety, product quality and efficiency are top priorities. On the line where vegetable broth is packed in 288g containers, one employee is responsible for refilling the containers and lids, checking weights and coding. The range of tasks underlines the importance of the marking system running reliably.

After all, 70 containers, socalled MAGGI tainers, are packed per minute on the packaging line, marked with the best-before date and production data.

"The marking has to run flawlessly. Otherwise there are real problems,” explains Simon Keller, Technical Group Leader, Packaging Deli / Tainer.

IQJET in use at MAGGI Singen facility

Use of the intelligent marking system IQJET

Smooth, uninterrupted printing - without the need for employee intervention

When not in use, the IQJET automatically seals the print nozzle 100% airtight while allowing the ink to continue circulating. This prevents ink from drying and clogging. When the IQJET is switched on, it starts running again immediately. To ensure consistently high print quality, regardless of ambient conditions, IQJET permanently regulates ink temperature and viscosity. The inks used in the MAGGI plant are certified for use in the food sector in terms of health, safety and product quality as well as legibility and adhesion. Safety is always in the foreground at MAGGI and nothing is ever left to chance.

Should a fault occur, the IQJET quickly identifies it and reports it to the packaging machine. The machine stops and the operator is informed. This intelligent interaction between the marking system and the machine prevents expensive rejects.

“With the IQJET, integration could not have been any easier. And virtually no interventions are required during operation.“

Simon Keller

Technical Group Leader, Area Packaging Deli / Tainer

How Maggi benefits from the IQJET

The IQJET excels with exceptional performance, efficiency, reliability and the lowest possible energy costs – consuming only 36 watts on average. In terms of TCO values, up to 50% less solvent consumption and significantly reduced emissions are also of great benefit to our operations. Furthermore, the IQJET is maintenance-free for 5 years – a truly unique feature in the coding & marking market. 

These benefits result in improved planning and more production time for users.

“Any manufacturer who values outstanding efficiency and reliability will greatly benefit from the IQJET. Here at MAGGI, we also appreciate the fact that our employees now have more time to focus on the essentials such as safety and product quality.“

Simon Keller

Technical Group Leader, Area Packaging Deli / Tainer

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LEIBINGER customers can always count on high-level responsiveness and superior service. LEIBINGER can be on site to support users with their team of dedicated employees in Germany and through the network of partners around the world. With LEIBINGER Connect, those responsible at the MAGGI plant as well as LEIBINGER technicians can view key production data and ensure optimized performance and efficiency during ongoing operations.

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