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Intelligent inkjet printer IQJET

intelligent inkjet printer

Why do you need an intelligent inkjet printer? If you want fast and precise marking of products and packaging, no downtime and maximum efficiency with the lowest operating costs on the market - an intelligent inkjet printer is a must. And the IQJET from LEIBINGER is a new generation of non contact coding machine that offers this and much more.

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Intelligent coding and marking applications

IQJET - intelligent inkjet printer

The LEIBINGER IQJET is an intelligent system that addresses the challenges of marking in production facilities worldwide at their source and solves them in an intelligent way.

Easy plug & print integration, intuitive touch screen operation, no maintenance for 5 years, undisturbed production operation with optimized operating costs and best print quality at any time - all this is offered by the intelligent coding & marking system IQJET.

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Benefit from 4 intelligent technologies

The IQJET is an intelligent inkjet printer that clearly focuses on customer benefits and redefines the standard for marking. It combines four intelligent technologies that will make your packing and production operations more efficient:

1. Maximum productivity with IQPRINT

Reliable, high-quality printing at any time. Whatever you want to print: barcodes, 2Dcodes, text, logos, best before dates, lot numbers and more. Whatever you want to print. Whatever shape your item. Whatever speeds you run in your production. IQJET is the first choice. We offer you good legibility, abrasion resistance, fastest drying time. We can also provide high-adhesion solutions, fluorescence or temperature-dependent color change.

When the IQJET is not in operation, the print nozzle closes automatically and the ink continues to circulate in a 100% airtight environment. This prevents the ink from drying out or clogging. When the IQJET is switched on, it is immediately productive again. No cleaning is required with the IQJET printer. Printing has to date never been so easy, safe and reliable, and your packing line operates without error and with more value for money. ​​​>>>

2. Simple operability with SMART.OS

The intuitive and straightforward user interface on a 10.1" touch screen makes the IQJET easy and convenient to operate. All settings are done with just a few clicks. With the integrated user management, user rights can be clearly defined - each person sees only what he or she is supposed to see, with a step-by-step message explaining all necessary instructions. >>>

3. Minimal operating costs with SMART.EFFICIENCY

Solvent, ink and power consumption have been optimized in IQJET. IQJET consumes up to 50% less solvent and uses only 36 watts. The new XXL cartridge system extends standby and reserve run times. The cartridges empty to the last drop. Good for the environment and good for you! >>>

4. Maintenance free with SMART.CARE

With each IQJET, you get five years of no maintenance. This is not only powerful and of great benefit to the customer, this is absolutely unique on the market. The outstanding quality and reliability of the IQJET is based on the use of durable components, most of which are manufactured in our own factory in Germany under strict quality control. The unique design of the system does not require a continuously running feed pump, which minimizes wear. ​​​>>>


intelligent inkjet printing

Print on any material: Need to print a two dimensional code onto food bags? No problem! 

What do you want to print? A trademark or expiry date on a smooth surface like steel or wood? A logo or graphics on a PPE pipe or PVC pipe? A sales code onto sheet metal - or perhaps a sales code onto food bags or boxed yogurt?

These codes are important because they can be scanned at the checkout or point of purchase, giving customers (and the seller) key information about your product. Manufacturers can attach details of product information to these codes, such as price, product descriptions, quantity (qty) and other details. All of these are possible with an intelligent inkjet printer like the IQJET. When the item is shipped or purchased, the code is scanned and information about the product is gathered.

intelligent printing - codes

A range of intelligent inkjet printing options from LEIBINGER

LEIBINGER takes pride in delivering products of the highest quality and reliability. To discover more, please see the product range that we sell.

Intelligent Inkjet

The new coding and marking standard.

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Continuous Inkjet

Reliable CIJ printers for numerous industries.

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LEIBINGER - worldwide partner for intelligent coding and marking solutions

Our development and production hub is based in Tuttlingen, Germany, yet our footprint spans across the globe. With our extensive network of over 150  partners, we guarantee we are within your reach no matter where you are.

Intelligent printer manufacturing

Smart Inkjet Printing with LEIBINGER

The sooner you decide to use the LEIBINGER IQJET in your production and arrange delivery, the more you get out of it. Sustainability, efficiency and cost savings - what are you waiting for? Find out more about IQJET now.

Intelligent coding & marking

The new IQJET

intelligent inkjet printer

The first intelligent coding and marking system for all industries: maximum productivity, intuitive usability, minimal operating costs and 5 years without maintenance. The ideal coding solution for your success.

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