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The easiest way to code your products

LEIBINGER Continuous Inkjet Printers


Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning, line downtime or even managing a fleet of spare printers. Choose LEIBINGER CIJ printers to code your products and packaging. For example with best-before dates, lot numbers and other variable data – regardless of the material or surface.

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LEIBINGER CIJ printers make your production more efficient

No more dried ink

Sealtronic eliminates the cleaning issues that arise with common CIJ printers. The self-sealing print head prevents ink from drying out. Users will enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs and more consistent print quality.

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Designed to reduce costs

We minimize the use of solvent and ink, thanks to the Sealtronic technology and the thermal barrier within the cabinet. During maintenance, single parts can be exchanged affordably, as we do not use expensive modules/cores.

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Easy to use and integrate

LEIBINGER CIJ coders can be easily integrated into any production environment: no matter how extreme, how narrow or which interface is required. And they are as easy to use as a PC, with a clear, intuitive WYSIWYG display.

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You can always rely on us

Family-owned in the third generation

Keeping our customers satisfied is our priority. We produce highly durable coders that run reliably in your production for years. Managing Director Christina Leibinger values honest, long-term customer relationships, and is committed to sustainability and loyalty to our global HQ in Germany and the Competence Center in Wisconsin (USA).

Quality is in the detail

In-house production - worldwide support

Since 1948, LEIBINGER has been a specialist in high-precision mechanics. We are therefore ideally equipped to perform all quality-relevant work steps in-house at our factory in Germany. If you require consultation or service support, we have trained sales and support partners in the entire United States.

LEIBINGER Industrial Printer

With LEIBINGER coders you can print on any material

Glass Glass
Carton Carton
Film Film
Foils Foils
Plastics Plastics
Metal Metal
Wire Wire
Rubber Rubber
Paper Paper
Textiles Textiles
Ceramic Ceramic
Wood Wood

Your requirements – our CIJ solutions


The affordable high-performer

  • Pre-configured to make high performance available at an attractive price
  • Up to 5-line coding
  • Prints up to 1,322 ft/min

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The attractively priced entry-level printer

  • Meets basic requirements with a few additional options
  • Up to 2-line coding
  • Prints up to 879 ft/min

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The high-speed printer

  • Prints up to 2,644 ft/min
  • Up to 5-line coding
  • Printing options: IP65, wire print head, pigmented inks

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Your industry

Our expertise

We understand the challenges you face in your industry or with your specific materials. And we’re ready to prove it: Send us a sample of your product and we will mark it with your print layout – free of charge. Find your industry now and get in touch with us!