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January 25, 2024

Visit PACK EXPO East 2024: experience reliability in an unreliable world

If you are attending PACK EXPO East this year, you’re lucky. In an uncertain world where predicting the future is impossible, you at least know you’ll be in Philadelphia on 18 March.

PACK EXPO East is also where you can witness another business certainty: the reliable LEIBINGER IQJET. Food producers and factories around the world welcome the consistent performance they get from LEIBINGER. They are vulnerable to many factors: interest rate hikes, volatile inflation, sudden supply chain disruption – not to mention the fast-changing tastes of consumers. Against such a shifting, uncertain backdrop, LEIBINGER reliability is a natural – and perhaps predictable – choice.

Built to last, it is IQJET - a high-performance industrial CIJ printer that is seen by many as a guarantee of productivity.

  • Its unique print-head design prevents ink clogging: so no unscheduled breaks in production.
  • Its build quality means no unexpected repair or maintenance costs. In fact, the IQJET requires no maintenance for the first five years.
  • It is is also very economical to run: it uses 50% less solvent, achieves zero ink wastage, and draws a frugal 36W of power. So a predictably low cost of ownership.

If you’d like to know more about how we offer reliability in an unreliable world, come and see us at Booth 1134 with our partner INOPAK. We will definitely be there.