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June 26, 2024

SGM Heuberg football (soccer) youth teams refresh with LEIBINGER water bottles

Tuttlingen, Germany, June 26, 2024 – In sports, hydration is key to ensuring peak performance. Stefan Moser, the dedicated coach of SGM Heuberg's youngest soccer enthusiasts, knows this well.  Coach Moser, who’s also been a trusted application specialist at LEIBINGER for years, took the initiative to ensure the young athletes were well-prepared for their upcoming fun-filled Adventure Day.

Commitment to youth 

Understanding the importance of hydration, Stefan Moser reached out to his employer, LEIBINGER, for support.  LEIBINGER responded generously by providing nearly 150 high-quality water bottles for the young athletes and their supervisors.  These water bottles became the highlight of this year's Adventure Day, benefiting players and supervisors from SGM Heuberg, a club representing the communities of Mahlstetten, Böttingen, Bubsheim, and Dürbheim.

Successful adventure day 

The event was a huge success, filled with soccer matches, food and drinks, and fun-filled activities. The LEIBINGER water bottles were a big hit, providing a practical and eco-friendly solution that can be used long after the event. The children, teens, and their supervisors were delighted with their new gear, which added to the day's joyful and energetic atmosphere.

Support from LEIBINGER

LEIBINGER is happy to support local clubs, especially when its own employees are actively involved. By doing so, LEIBINGER not only appreciates its employees’ dedication but also supports their volunteer efforts within the community.

With such enthusiastic young talent, Germany's future victories in European Championships and World Cups are surely on the horizon!

Cheers to Sponsorship – The SGM Heuberg youth teams show appreciation to LEIBINGER for their new water bottles.