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May 15, 2020

High security printing – combining security and quality with efficiency

High security printing is an area of printing concerning the marking of a number of different items including banknotes, postage stamps, cheques and passports/identity cards. It can also be used to apply codes and numbers onto tamper-proof labels and other important security documents such as share certificates, drivers’ licenses and vehicle documents. The objective of security printing is to prevent criminals from counterfeiting or tampering with the documents. 

Secure print techniques used to protect such valuable documents include microprinting, holograms, magnetic ink and security threads. (A security thread is typically a thin strip of foil embedded within the fibres of the banknote). However, one of the most established and universally accepted approaches to document security and to combat counterfeiting (or to ensure that tampering of the document cannot go undetected) is to apply a serial number - which is done in many countries using LEIBINGER’s specialist numbering machines.

Why do we need serial numbers in high security printing?

Serial numbers are used because they make legitimate documents easier to trace. To help law enforcement or security agents to spot forgeries, serial numbers frequently have a check digit, which has the purpose of verifying the serial number. In the printing of banknotes, the unique serial number is useful in monitoring and verifying the production volume. This security design measure improves document security significantly.

Another security print feature is to make ‘trap’ numbers within the range of numbers being printed. The system may allocate these numbers randomly, or choose a certain range which would be invalid.

LENservo 12

The LENservo 12 electronically controlled, servomotor-driven random numbering system is ideal for banknote and security printing. LENservo combines the attributes of mechanical LEIBINGER numbering machines – such as sturdiness, reliability and precision – with maximum flexibility and production efficiency. While mechanical numbering machines offer only two options – counting forwards or backwards – the design of the LENservo gives you complete freedom to program the numbering sequences.

The LENservo 12 has 12 number and letter wheels, which reset automatically in milliseconds. This means maximum flexibility in downstream processing, for example during  banknote printing: banknote sheets can move to the finishing line much more quickly because new numbers can be easily assigned in just milliseconds. This avoids unnecessarily long delays while banknotes are collected – they enter the finishing stage without machine downtime! This gives you greater efficiency and assurance.

In addition to the more professional processing, three more advantages make the LENservo 12 an ideal solution for banknote and security printing: fast error identification and reporting, zero waste, and easy restart.


The LENservoP is a specialist machine designed solely for the high security printing of passports. Each passport contains an alphanumeric code for unique identification. The electronically controlled, servomotor-driven random numbering system LENservoP has been especially designed for the imprint of those independent sequences of numbers and letters and is suitable for hot-foil applications.

The intelligent numbering system LENservoP is tailored to the specific needs of passport numbering. It offers high flexibility as a result of a maximum of 12 motorized wheels and can be easily integrated into passport printing machines due to its unique design, and is suitable for hot-foil applications.

Additional functions that make the LENservoP ideal for security printing of passports include the automatic temperature control of the number or letter wheels using a heating cartridge. Moreover, the electronically controlled random numbering machine LENservoP offers all benefits of LENservo numbering systems: high reliability, sturdiness, precision, maximum flexibility and production efficiency. While mechanical numbering machines offer only two options – counting forwards or backwards – the numbering systems of the LENservo series give you complete freedom to program the passport print numbering sequences.

What are the typical numberings?

There are a number of printing methods used in security printing. LEIBINGER numbering machines can print onto flat or convex surfaces all kinds of numbers onto banknotes and documents, including continuous or variable numbers, serial numbers, digits/letters/numbers, modulus digits and barcodes.

What materials are used in high security printing?

A number of technical methods are used to enhance document security in the security printing industry. Security printing is most often done on security paper, but it can also be applied to plastic materials. Whilst most banknotes are made of paper, based on cotton fibres for added durability, an increasing number of countries are starting to use polymer banknotes to make counterfeiting harder still. These countries include Canada, Nigeria, Romania, Mexico, New Zealand, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia.

Security printing processes optimized with LEIBINGER numbering machines

LEIBINGER numbering machines and security printers are extremely well-suited for numbering and coding for high-security printing. Banknotes, passports, tax labels, lottery tickets, security documents and much more can be printed reliably using LEIBINGER numbering devices. Printing methods used in state-run or private secure printing offices include purely mechanical numbering machines, mechanical devices with electronic full monitoring systems and modulus control to electronic numbering systems controlled via servomotors.

High security printing combined with high productivity

The world of high security printing is a fast-moving one and millions of banknotes and documents are numbered every day. Throughput needs to be maximized so the numbering machines used need to be able to keep pace. If they slow production down, there is an impact on the profitability of the manufacturer. 

LEIBINGER products combine sophisticated security features with high reliability and high speed. Our reputation for quality comes largely from the fact that we have specialized in numbering machines for so long: three generations of the LEIBINGER family have managed the business and reliability is a value that has driven each generation to continually improve our products. 

100% German-made under one roof in our factory, our numbering machines are the epitome of reliability. Because every machine is manufactured in our Tuttlingen factory in Germany, we can oversee the quality of every product that goes out to customers. We know that machine downtime is not acceptable: this is why our customers trust LEIBINGER to keep the production line moving and enter the finishing stage without a break.

This product quality is combined with a service network of certified and qualified partners around the world. Whether you need spare parts, servicing or training, there is support near you able to support your business. Whatever your high security printing requirements are, our solutions have the quality and performance – and are backed by a service guarantee and expert people – that will keep your production running.

Numbering machines for high security printing

LEIBINGER produces a range of numbering machines and systems with different security features to suit the range of customers that we serve and the different secure printing services they require.

LENservo 12

The perfect dozen

The electronically controlled LENservo 12 numbering machine offers maximum flexibility and efficiency thanks to twelve completely freely programmable number wheels.

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An ID with top security

The LENservoP electronically controlled numbering machine from LEIBINGER is optimally designed for hot foil printing in passport printing machines.

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