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We are the coding & marking experts for cables & tubes

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled quality and reliability with LEIBINGER coding and marking systems. Trusted globally across diverse industries, our solutions stand out, particularly in the cable production and extrusion domains, where clients worldwide place their confidence in our 75 years of unmatched expertise, profound experience, and innovative technology.



5 convincing reasons


1. Highest productivity
Our primary goal is to ensure high productivity, trouble-free and reliable production processes, and high-quality marking in our customers‘ extrusion lines worldwide. Even in the most demanding environments, our printers with IP65 or IP66 standards perform exceptionally reliably.


2. Unique product design that makes the difference

LEIBINGER‘s automatic nozzle sealing technology is unique in the CIJ market. This feature removes the need for cleaning by keeping unused ink in a 100% airtight system. No clogging, no cleaning, no downtime - simply smooth printing.


3. Inks and solvents all from one source
LEIBINGER offers you inks with excellent legibility, abrasion resistance, drying time and adhesion. Regardless of whether you print on light or dark surfaces and at any printing speed.


4. Wide range - your choice
Customers in the extrusion industry particularly appreciate LEIBINGER‘s wide product range. From cost-effective entry-level models to High Speed Line printers reaching speeds of 3280 ft/min we offer it all. A significant advantage with us: regardless of the printer you choose, all are equipped with the unique LEIBINGER nozzle sealing technology, ensuring you best printing quality at any time.


5. At home worldwide

With a network of 150 partners worldwide who share our values of unwavering customer focus, we are always within reach. Benefit from localized support that understands your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience with our products.

  • With LEIBINGER we have an outstanding partner, especially as the company has been developing and producing its own inks for many years. From LEIBINGER’s ink portfolio we defined an ink that guarantees superb abrasion-resistant adhesion on virtually all different materials, we use in our plant. LEIBINGER printers are also exceptionally reliable and need very little maintenance, especially in the production process.

    Andreas Bachmann
    Senior Manager - Process Engineering Plant Neustadt, Prysmian

  • As the reliability is so important to us – we opted for LEIBINGER printers. The printer’s direct connection to the specific formulation allows the required print text to be loaded immediately, which significantly reduces set-up times. The printer‘s automatic nozzle sealing system also ensures that the printer never clogs – even after printing pauses.

    Klaus Ciminato
    Head of cable production, EP Connectors - a Erich Jaeger company

  • While looking for a new CIJ equipment, we came across the company LEIBINGER. I have to say, this has been our best move so far. Previously, we had a cleaning effort of 2 or 3 hours a day, this is completely eliminated. I highly recommend the LEIBINGER company.

    Jürgen Eberle
    Area PMA Kabelschutzsysteme ABB Schweiz AG

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LEIBINGER - The ink specialist

LEIBINGER presents a comprehensive solution: Printers and inks, seamlessly integrated from a single source.

Within our diverse ink portfolio, you'll find specialized options tailored for cables and extrusion materials. Each ink boasts exceptional legibility, unparalleled abrasion resistance, rapid drying capabilities, and superior adhesion. With the unbeatable combination of highly reliable printer technology and LEIBINGER inks we achieve high-precision marking on both light and dark surfaces, ensuring optimal results for your applications.


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