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August 3, 2023

China & LEIBINGER: why the world’s best wire companies deserve the world’s best systems for wire coding & marking

LEIBINGER presents its innovative coding and marking systems at the wire China 2023 trade show in Shanghai, China

Tuttlingen (Germany) / August 3, 2023 – In recent years, LEIBINGER has been partnering with an increasing number of Chinese wire manufacturers, an industry that is central to China’s economic standing in the world. The Chinese government has actively promoted international cooperation and has made funding available to drive innovation and growth. The result is rapid expansion of the Chinese cable industry – and the increased presence of LEIBINGER in the Chinese market.

But why is LEIBINGER thriving in China?

A wide product portfolio to suit all manufacturers
The Chinese cable industry ranges from large established manufacturers to smaller specialist companies – but the LEIBINGER range presents options that suit all sizes of business. From the affordable entry level JET One to the super-fast, multi-featured JET Rapid Wire (which prints up to 1,000 m/min) we are able to provide a level of speed, functionality and capacity that suits all our customers – at a price that fits their budgets.

Keeping your production line working
The world’s appetite for cabling is enormous and future applications, such as 5G, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems, will only increase that demand. It is essential therefore that wire manufacturers maximise their capacity – which means those production lines need to keep rolling at all costs.

One unique benefit of LEIBINGER wire coding equipment is therefore especially attractive to our Chinese customers: the unique automatic airtight nozzle sealing technology. In many wire coding printers, any break in production allows air into the printhead. Solvent-based inks dry very quickly, often causing blockages which must be cleaned before production can start again – leading to expensive downtime. With LEIBINGER’s airtight sealing technology, the ink doesn’t dry, the print head doesn’t clog. And the production line doesn’t stop.

An eye for quality
China has set ambitious goals for its cable industry but it’s not all about increasing production capacity; Chinese manufacturers know that product quality is also important and high-quality, accurate wire coding is part of that formula for success. At LEIBINGER, we manufacture our own products using almost entirely our own components, and we check every machine before it leaves our factory in Tuttlingen, Germany. The quality and durability of our machines means Chinese wire companies can rely on excellent coding and marking at all times.

Driving costs down
Chinese wire companies are also shrewd enough to take a strategic view on costs. Most of the cost of wire coding is in its operation, so LEIBINGER has built a number of efficiency features into its products, driving down the long-term costs. Low ink and solvent consumption, durable components and long-lasting quality printers with low maintenance costs are the results. For example, LEIBINGER's latest printer, the IQJET, with its unique design, requires no maintenance for incredible five years. This is outstanding in the coding & marking market.

LEIBINGER’s established presence in China
Since 2022, we have had our own subsidiary based in Zhuhai, China. Coupled with an extensive network of regional distributors, we are therefore able to work closely with our Chinese customers. Whether they require assistance with new printers, the supply of high-quality consumables like ink and solvents, or any technical support, LEIBINGER is always there.

We are proud to be acknowledged as the world’s No.1 in cable and wire coding systems. Now the best cabling companies have easy access to the best coding solutions! Come and see by yourself. Visit our booth E5B03 at the WIRE Shanghai from September 4 to 7.

If you would like to know more, please contact our Chinese team at
cs-china@leibinger-group.com or at +86 (0) 756-8866803

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The JET Rapid Wire PI in use at cable manufacturer HUBER+SUHNER from Pfäffikon in Switzerland.

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