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July 13, 2023

If a packaging printer was free, it could still cost you more than a LEIBINGER IQJET

Experience a world first in affordable and sustainable printing at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Tuttlingen (Germany) / July 13, 2023 – When purchasing continuous inkjet printers for your packaging line, price is often a key consideration. However, it's important to clarify which aspect of the price you should focus on. The new IQJET by LEIBINGER has redefined the concept of cost of ownership, delivering an exceptional balance of quality enhancement and reduced overall printing expenses.

In fact, when compared to conventional systems, the IQJET by LEIBINGER significantly reduces printing costs by up to 30%.

This is more important now than ever. McKinsey highlights that consumers attitudes of packaging are evolving and how innovation is the key to cost reduction for the packaging industry. You don’t have to be stuck with old, inefficient technology. Following the recent increase in operating and labor costs, the news that printing can cost you LESS is being welcomed by US packagers.


So what’s different about LEIBINGER IQJET?
LEIBINGER, renowned for its commitment to producing top-quality products since 1948 at its German factory, is not just in Las Vegas to mark its 75th anniversary. The purpose is to commemorate a fresh approach that simplifies, makes printing more environmentally friendly, and offers cost-effective solutions for businesses in the United States and globally. How does it achieve this? With IQJET’s four crucial components:

1. SMART.EFFICIENCY – a system that minimizes operating costs.
That’s why it has the lowest consumption on the market, ~ 2.7 ml/h solvent for MEK inks. It prevents unnecessary waste and production scrap. Ink cartridges are emptied down to the last drop and do not require separate disposal (unlike many conventional CIJ systems). More sustainable and cheaper to run.


2. IQPRINT – technology to prevent expensive downtime.
Most printers need cleaning from time to time, so the packaging line has to stop. IQPRINT is a unique feature that removes the need for cleaning by keeping unused ink in a 100% airtight system. No clogging, no cleaning, no expensive downtime.


3. SMART.OS – keep your labor costs low. Numerous interfaces including
OPC UA and an integrated PLC ensure IQJET can be installed easily into any packaging line. And latest HMI with intuitive operation via a 10” touch display and drag & drop functions means it can be mastered by anyone. Reduce installation time, training time and management time.


4. SMART.CARE – virtually eliminate maintenance costs
IQJET’s SMART.CARE function means maintenance is free for five years. This is down to durable, high-quality components, most of which are manufactured in LEIBINGER’s own factory, and a unique design that minimizes ‘wear and tear’. For example, there is no need for a continuously running feed pump. Worry free – and virtually maintenance free.


Four aspects of the new IQJET that are designed to keep quality up and your running costs down – while also supporting your sustainability objectives.


What would you do with $10,000?
At LEIBINGER, we want to show a real, measurable saving – which is why we have an operating cost calculator ready for you in Vegas. Take the example of an FMCG producer with 4,000 production hours per year and 400 prints per minute with 20 characters/print each. In this scenario, the IQJET can save close to $10,000 in pure operating costs over five years compared to conventional CIJ printers. And that’s without the productivity savings.


There will be other packaging printers at PACK EXPO Las Vegas in September. But if you look carefully at the total cost, none will work out better value than the LEIBINGER IQJET. We’ll be at Booth C-5028 – come and see it for yourself, and we’ll run the numbers for you.


For more information:
IQJET product site: https://leibinger-group.com/IQJet How IQJET improves sustainability: https://leibinger-group.com/intelligent-inkjet/sustainability

Alternatively, contact our US team at cs@leibingerusa.com.