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A careful approach to high productivity

Coding and marking of eggs and egg cartons

In many countries around the world, egg coding is mandated by law. However, there are other reasons for marking eggs, notably that it provides a guarantee of quality, differentiates producer brands and helps traceability. However, egg production is a specialized business, and egg printers need to be designed to print legibly and accurately in a highly demanding environment.


Why Leibinger?

Leibinger produces specialist printers designed for egg production. Integrating effortlessly with MOBA and Diamond sorting and packaging machines, our EP series of printers can print on any part of the egg or egg carton, with a unique elbow printhead, which provides printing from bottom-up or top-down in the smallest of areas. A single printer can handle over 30,000 eggs/hour, using FDA- and EU-compliant inks of different colours that stand out against all eggshell colors.

Leibinger printers are perfect for coding eggs and egg cartons:

  • Sealtronic for fast start-up and high productivity
  • Integrates with MOBA and Diamond systems
  • Printing from all directions: bottom up or top down
  • Unique design to print anywhere on the egg or egg carton
  • FDA-compliant inks for all eggshell colors
  • High-quality German engineering
  • IP65 protection available

Kinds of applications

print-bands-egg1.jpg print-bands-egg2.jpg print-bands-egg3.jpg print-bands-egg4.jpg

Our solutions

Leibinger continuous inkjet printers with Sealtronic speed-up start.


The ultimate egg-marking solution

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer designed to bring maximum productivity to egg producers. Optional with IP65 protection class. more >


Millions of eggs, one coding solution

Specialist mid-range CIJ printer designed specifically to maximize production and quality for egg producers. more >

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Want to see how it looks in real life? Send us a sample of any material, and we will show you which inks have the best colors and the best adhesion properties to suit your marking and coding requirements. See the results for yourself!

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