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Taking off at maximum speed

Coding and marking for aerospace

In the aviation and aerospace industry, accurate information enabling traceability needs to be permanently applied to all safety-relevant individual components, even though they come from different suppliers around the world. This is done by using a barcode or data matrix code containing very specific encrypted data. Integrating such marking requirements into the production process can be difficult given stringent customer specifications and tight production deadlines.


Whether you manufacture parts in small batches and mark them at the installation site, or operate a production line with inline marking, LEIBINGER can provide you with the ideal solution for every scenario. You can use our coding machines to print text down to 0.8 mm on any surface of virtually any component, and we offer a range of software and hardware accessories for easy and flexible integration of a printer in your product line. Also available are specialist inks, including aviation-certified inks, high-durability inks, heat-resistant inks, and pigmented inks designed to provide contrast against dark backgrounds.

Your applications

LEIBINGER printers are perfect for marking and coding onto all materials used in aerospace manufacture, including metal (e.g., aluminum), carbon, extrusion parts, injection-molded parts, plastics, rubber, and cardboard.

Our solutions

LEIBINGER coding & marking systems

All LEIBINGER labeling systems are equipped with the unique nozzle lock technology. When idle, the printers automatically and 100% airtightly seal the print nozzle and allow the ink to continue to circulate. This prevents the ink from drying out. LEIBINGER labeling systems therefore do not require cleaning when starting or after printing. Time and cost savings, a clean production environment, high availability, consistently high print quality and maximum reliability are your LEIBINGER advantages.


The new IQJET. The first intelligent coding & marking system.

With IQJET: Plug & print, 5 years maintenance-free and the best TCO values on the market thanks to low consumption of resources - that's what the new LEIBINGER IQJET offers. This intelligent printer ensures undisturbed, carefree work and maximum productivity in your production, because the IQJET simply does what it is supposed to: Printing, printing, printing...

more >


The advanced CIJ solution

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer to handle complex and challenging coding & marking applications. Prints 5 lines. Performs at speeds of up to 10 m/s. more >


A pigment printer that is a contrast from the rest

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer specifically designed to handle high-contrast pigmented inks for maximum legibility on dark surfaces. more >


The productivity machine

The mid-range printer for all standard marking and coding applications, printing up to 1,777 characters/second. Prints up to three lines. more >

JET Rapid

The need for speed

Specialist high-speed printer offering speeds of 800m/min for a range of high-output applications. more >

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Want to see how it looks in real life? Send us a sample of any material, and we will show you which inks have the best colors and the best adhesion properties to suit your marking and coding requirements. See the results for yourself!

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