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Fast and flexible

Coding and marking of plastic and rubber parts

Plastic and rubber parts vary in composition, color and elasticity. They include an array of substrates including polypropylene, polyurethanes, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and sometimes include slick plasticizers and other challenging components. Coding and marking systems must be powerful and flexible enough to cope with different materials, yet still provide high production speed and legibility.



Our printers are ideal for printing onto different types of extrusion and injection molding parts. By using a variety of inks, including special-adhesion inks and pigmented inks to provide higher contrast against dark surfaces, we can deliver excellent legibility on all surfaces, including technical and high-performance plastics. LEIBINGER printers are used to print onto materials including PE, PP, PVC, PC, plastic thermosets, synthetic and natural rubber, acrylic glass, and foam. Our complimentary sampling service proves how well our printers perform on your chosen material before you buy.

LEIBINGER printers are perfect for coding onto plastic and rubber parts:

  • Sealtronic for fast start-up and high productivity
  • Special inks suitable for all types of plastic
  • Pigmented inks for contrast on dark surfaces
  • Suitable for high-speed production
  • Suitable for inkjet printing polypropylene (PP)
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate into existing lines
  • High-quality German engineering

Kinds of applications

print-bands-plastic-rubber1.jpg print-bands-plastic-rubber2.jpg print-bands-plastic-rubber3.jpg print-bands-plastic-rubber4.jpg print-bands-plastic-rubber5.jpg print-bands-plastic-rubber6.jpg

Our solutions

LEIBINGER coding & marking systems

All LEIBINGER labeling systems are equipped with the unique nozzle lock technology. When idle, the printers automatically and 100% airtightly seal the print nozzle and allow the ink to continue to circulate. This prevents the ink from drying out. LEIBINGER labeling systems therefore do not require cleaning when starting or after printing. Time and cost savings, a clean production environment, high availability, consistently high print quality and maximum reliability are your LEIBINGER advantages.


The new IQJET. The first intelligent coding & marking system.

With IQJET: Plug & print, 5 years maintenance-free and the best TCO values on the market thanks to low consumption of resources - that's what the new LEIBINGER IQJET offers. This intelligent printer ensures undisturbed, carefree work and maximum productivity in your production, because the IQJET simply does what it is supposed to: Printing, printing, printing...

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A pigment printer that is a contrast from the rest

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer specifically designed to handle high-contrast pigmented inks for maximum legibility on dark surfaces. more >


The advanced CIJ solution

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer to handle complex and challenging coding & marking applications. Prints 5 lines. Performs at speeds of up to 10 m/s. more >


The productivity machine

The mid-range printer for all standard marking and coding applications, printing up to 1,777 characters/second. Prints up to three lines. more >


It all starts here

Attractively-priced entry-level printer offering two-line printing on a variety of materials and featuring unique Sealtronic technology. more >

Your industry


Taking off at maximum speed

Coding and marking for aerospace

In the aviation and aerospace industry, accurate information enabling traceability needs to be permanently applied to all safety-relevant individual components, even though they come from different suppliers around the world. This is done by using a barcode or data matrix code containing very specific encrypted data. Integrating such marking requirements into the production process can be difficult given stringent customer specifications and tight production deadlines.

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Life in the fast lane

Coding and marking for automotive

In the automotive industry, thousands of individual parts made of various shapes, sizes and materials are installed by several different suppliers. This leads to highly complex automated production processes, in which the marking of each part with traceability information is a small but essential stage. LEIBINGER continuous inkjet printers are a reliable part of high-speed production lines around the world, where our high reliability and unique Sealtronic print head technology ensure minimum disruption and maximum productivity.

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Building, construction and garden

Built for the great outdoors

Coding and marking for building, construction and garden

Products and materials used in the building, construction and garden industries need to be built to last – and the same applies to the markings used to provide traceability and regulatory compliance. Many materials in use demand a coding and marking solution that is robust, flexible and hard-working.

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Getting the chemistry right

Coding and marking for chemicals

Coding in the chemical industry is important for traceability but it can be challenging when the production environment is hot, dusty or wet. Under such conditions, you can only achieve reliable, high-quality coding with specially designed systems. It can also be difficult to ensure ink adherence on slick plasticizers and to guarantee code resilience in the event of chemical spillage.

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Electronic and electrical devices

Small but mighty

Coding and marking for electronics and electrical devices

In the electrical and electronics sectors, parts such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), microcontrollers, light sources, connectors, glass fibers, diodes, displays and cables often need to be marked and coded. This is done in order to prevent product piracy, comply with regulations and enable traceability throughout the supply chain. Since these parts are often dark in color, an additional challenge is to ensure that codes are legible, even though extremely small font sizes are necessary on smaller items.

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Furniture and toys

Eye-catching quality

Coding and marking for furniture and toys

Furniture and toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials – and high-quality marking is essential for traceability and legal compliance. The wood used in furniture manufacture, in particular, has many different levels of absorbency, which makes durable, legible printing a challenge.

more >

Medical technology

Just what the doctor ordered

Coding and marking for medical technology

The packaging of medical products – and the products themselves – requires high-quality marking of variable data. The focus is on legibility and contrast, which is indispensable for traceability and compliance with legal requirements. At the same time, competitive pressure in the medtech market means that manufacturers must maximize production line speed.

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Our experience makes the difference

Coding and marking for plastics

Plastic and rubber articles, including plastic film, are used in many areas such as the pharmaceutical, food, packaging, cable, electrical and electronics industries. Producers of plastic and plastic items often need to code information onto products to enable traceability and to provide a guarantee of quality.

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