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Continuous productivity

Coding and marking for wires, cables, tubes and pipes

Speed is the defining issue in the cable industry. Since line speeds are often slowed down by the coding process, printers must not only deliver high-legibility, they must do so at very high speed. For pipe and cable marking and coding, the option to print at small font heights (microprints) is important, as is a wide selection of fast drying inks for various colored backgrounds and different materials like PE and PVC. Transfer-proof inks must also be used to prevent stamping or ‘ghost printing’ after the cable is wound, and cable manufacturers may also need the coder to automatically print meter markings or feet markings.

Why Leibinger?

LEIBINGER inkjet printers specialize in imprinting and print monitoring for cables, pipes and wires. We offer two specialist wire printers: the JET Rapid Wire, which prints particularly small font sizes (0.8 mm) at up to 1000 m/min, and the JET3 Rapid Wire PI, which is a variant designed to use pigmented inks to provide contrast on dark cables

As the only true specialist in the wire industry, we offer other specialist features, such as the "Speed Dependent Output" function to control plasma pretreating (or corona pre-handling) based on the production speed. If the speed of the extrusion line drops below a specified value, the printer automatically switches off the plasma unit until the line returns to a higher production speed.

Your applications

Leibinger printers are perfect for marking and coding onto all materials used in the manufacture of cables, pipes, tubes and wires, including plastics such as PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), metals (iron, copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver, stainless steel), synthetic rubber/natural rubber/Buna rubber (polybutadiene), and fiberglass cable.

Our solutions

Leibinger continuous inkjet printers with Sealtronic speed-up start.

JET Rapid Wire

Faster cable and pipe printing

Specialist high-speed printer, designed to print cables, pipes and wires at up to 1,000m/min. more >

JET Rapid Wire PI

Outstanding speed, outstanding contrast

Variant of JET Rapid Wire specifically designed for use with high-contrast pigmented inks. more >


The finest print, the finest quality

Advanced, feature-rich CIJ printer with 35µm or 40µm nozzle for micro printing in the smallest areas. more >


Finer and faster

Specialist mid-range printer with 60µm nozzle, enabling faster, finer printing. Prints up to 2,333 characters/second on 3 lines. more >

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Want to see how it looks in real life? Send us a sample of any material, and we will show you which inks have the best colors and the best adhesion properties to suit your marking and coding requirements. See the results for yourself!

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