Small Charcater Inkjet Printer

Technical glossary of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

Small character inkjet printers are also known as inkjet printers or CIJ printers (continuous inkjet). These printers are only used in the industry in different areas. Small character inkjet printers are for example used in the packaging industry, food industry but also in the cable, electronic, pharmaceutical, automotive or beverage industry . The product marking is fast and contactless.

In a small character inkjet printer the ink comes as jet over the nozzle through the print head to the product to be printed. Behind the nozzle is a piezoelectric converter which divides the ink jet into evenly drops. In the following charge electrode the individual drops will be variably strong charged electrostatically. Depending on the power charge the drops will be more or less deflected sideways in the deflection plate. The charged drops end up like this on the product or when not charged directly in the gutter tube to return to the ink circuit.

There are two different methods at the drop charging. The Binary-Deflecting-Method either transports the drop to the product or deflected to the drip-catcher. The Mulit-Deflecting-Method shoots the drops to the product with a more or less deflection depending on the power charge. With this it is possible to print a wider line with one nozzle.

Depending on the distance of the print head to the product the width of the line can vary. However, the resolution of the print will get worse with increasing distance to the product. Solutions with new technology out of the history small character inkjet printers are known as problematic by a lot of users.

The reason for this is that when these products were launched in the industry the small character inkjet printers weren’t developed very well and therefore very problematic. On the other hand to work with fast drying inks is problematic because the ink could dry in the very small nozzle after shut-down and clogg the nozzle.

If then the printer has been started after a while, errors occurred which could only solved by complex cleaning procedures, maintenance or replacing of spare parts. These problems have been sold with the technological development of small character inkjet printers. Depending on the manufacturer different technics are now implemented to prevent a drying of the ink. For example with the nozzle seal “Sealtronic” in all LEIBINGER inkjet printers which closes the nozzle airtight.