LEIBINGER distributor convention in Arizona with honors


The awards of this year's LEIBINGER distributor convention in North America.

The North American distributors met with LEIBINGER Inc. for the biannual distributor convention in Arizona. At this occasion, the best distributors were honored and received awards for outstanding performance.

The North American LEIBINGER Distributor Convention, which takes place once every two years, is always one of the high points of the year, both for the LEIBINGER branch in East Troy, Wisconsin as well as for its North American distributors. This year, the distributors in Arizona were given exclusive information and training regarding the innovations of LEIBINGER.

The presentation of the four distributor awards was a special moment. Jan van het Reve, CEO of LEIBINGER Group and the team of Paul Leibinger Inc. as well as Alexander Deuchert, Sales Director LEIBINGER Group, presented the awards during an evening program.

Rusco Packaging was pleased to receive special recognition from LEIBINGER for its outstanding sales performance in 2015. The company boasted outstanding services in the sales of LEIBINGER inkjet printers.

Shippers Supply was also honored for outstanding sales service. Dave Kirsch and Tony Thielen happily accepted the award. In addition to its turnover, the US company features a highly knowledgeable team.

RMH Systems received the award for "Best Distributor of the Year 2015." The company stands out and shines thanks to outstanding sales figures as well as the profit and growth rates that came as a result.

Finally, the new LEIBINGER distributor, Ketan Automated Equipment, received the "Rookie of the Year” award. This award recognizes the success of the new LEIBINGER contract partner from Ontario in the first year of collaboration.